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Roht Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushion Pads High Heel Inserts - 2 Pairs

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Roht Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushion Pads High Heel InsertsProduct descriptionHow bad do you want to stay away from that...


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Roht Ball of Foot Metatarsal Cushion Pads High Heel Inserts

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How bad do you want to stay away from that ugly ball of foot pain caused by high heels? How would it feel to wear high heels all day long without any type of discomfort implied? The Roht metatarsal pads would be FANTASTIC for you! Maybe you are in the market for some high heel inserts for women that are not too bulky so your feet can have enough space left in the shoes. Or maybe you just want the right ball of foot cushions to prevent your feet from sliding down, out of the shoes all the time. Roht Heel Cushion Inserts were carefully manufactured to keep your high heels COMFORTABLE all day long without being bulky and crunching your toes while preventing your toes from sliding down the shoes! Here’s why you should have them: STRONG ADHESIVE: Our high heel pads are built using strong adhesive so you can be sure they will ‘stick around’ for a great period of time. FITS MOST OF YOUR SHOES: Our foot pads for ball of feet are sticky but removable at the same time so you can put them in other shoes when you need to. HEEL GRIPS SET INCLUDED: This set comes with 2 heel grips to protect the back of your feet and make your footwear even comfier. PERFECT FOR ½ SIZE BIGGER SHOES: These ball of foot pads raise the foot a little bit and this makes them perfect for ½ size bigger footwear to avoid crunching your toes. NO MORE SORE FEET AT THE END OF THE DAY: Put the foot cushion in your high heels and you could wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable for 1 sec! TOES OUT? NO MORE: Great shoe pads to prevent the feet from sliding forward in your shoes. The Roht metatarsal pads for women are the right choice when it comes to having a great attitude backed by some EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE shoe pads in your high heels. Buy one now and GIVE YOUR FEET A BREAK!

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* RELIEVE PRESSURE AND PAIN: The metatarsal foot pads help align the transverse arch of the foot and the toes. They prevent burning sensations in the ball of the foot and relieve pain associated to metatarsalgia, arthritis, blisters, calluses, Morton’s neuroma by distributing pressure along a wider area. Roht gel insoles have a positive impact on your day-to-day mobility and comfort!
* INDULGE YOUR FEET: Enjoy the soft, massaging feel of Kraftian high heel inserts! Made of PU gel, they absorb the shock to your toe joints while offering the needed metatarsalgia support for standing or walking long hours. The ball pads for feet provide o bouncy cushion to your feet, reducing foot fatigue and soreness.
* DESIGNED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: They are easy to apply, just peel off the back and place the adhesive side down into the shoe. Compatible with all types of open and closed-toe shoes, suitable for both men and women. The nude outer fabric matches most shoe lining colours . Washable and reusable, Roht over the foot gel pads are durable and comfortable even with long wear
* ROCK YOUR SHOES FOR HOURS: These anti-slip and sweat absorbent inserts stay put, preventing your feet from sliding forward. The for foot pads have a slim profile so the pads don’t affect the way shoes fit. The cushions for women have a strong adhesive backing, yet easy to move from one pair of shoes to another. With a good elasticity and flexibility, the inserts will not get deformed over time
* Package Includes: 1 Pair (Left & Right) of Roth Ball of Foot Adhesive Cushion Pads

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